Auto Security Film


Break Strength:
How much strength the film can take per sq. inch before the glass will break.

How thick the film is.

Peel Strength:
How much force it is to remove the film per sq. inch.

Tensile Breakage:
The resistance of the film before breaking under tension.

Elongation at Break:
If the window was to be pushed in stretching the film.

Ultra Violet Rejection:
How much UV rejection is in this film.

Total Solar Energy Rejection:
How much solar heat is rejected with this film.

4Mil Security Film

4 Mil film is what we use for automotive vehicles. This will prevent glass breakage and  if the burglar does crack the glass he will have to push it in to gain entry.

4mil Glass Breakage Is______________112 LBS Per Square Inch.
Elongation At Break_________________125%
Peel Strength________________________7lb /inch
Ultra Violet Block____________________99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection________16%

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