FAQ | Auto Window Tinting


1.Why Are We Better Than The Next Tint Shop?

As the owner of Diplomat Window Tinting I’ve seen it all, from cheap film to quantity over quality. We take the time to do the job right and use AAA products with a problem free guarantee.

2.No Fault Warranty

No fault warranty is covered by physical abuse or if you get a ticket and need to show that the vehicles illegal tints has been remove, we will remove it at no cost and re-apply it back on under 30 days from when it was removed. NFW is only offered for front windows on selected films, Silver Mirror, Nano Ceramic & ULTRA. It must be purchased at the time of sale. NFW is not transferable through ownership or vehicle. After the first NFW is used you can re-purchase it again at that only time.

Silver mirror $30 per window
Nano Ceramic $30 per window
Ultra Nano Ceramic $40 per window
Factory Cut Option $10 per window

3.What's the difference from Dye Film and Dye Color Stable Film?

Dye Film is a low grade film that can crack, peel, purple, haze & fade at any time. We do not sell or offer installation of Dye Film.

Color Stable Film means it will always keep a dark to light shade and will never crack, peel, purple, haze or fade purple. In time, after the film has been exposed to seasonal weather the heat rejection tolerance will go down causing more heat to enter the vehicle.

4.What Is ULTRA Nano-Ceramic?

Ultra has an 80% heat rejection and a 90% Infrared rejection. It is an Ice Cold blue color making your vehicle windows look unique. You’ll get the chills even in the hottest weather. Just like our slogans says ‘’Enjoy The Sunshine Without The Heat’’.

5.What Is Nano-Ceramic?

Nano-Ceramic Film has a heat rejection of 65% and a 45% infrared rejection.
It has a unique luxurious color when looking out and has a stronger scratch resistant coating built into it.

6.What Is Regular Film?

Regular Film has a 40% heat rejection and increases infrared heat rays by 40%, turning your windows into a firewall. Regular film is strictly for cosmetic purposes only.

7.What Is Our Warranty?

We offer a Life Time warranty on all our workmanship & material for total satisfaction.

8.Shopping For Price?

1. You get what you pay for.
2. Cheap quality film or re-boxed film.
3. Many tinters will not honour the warranty.
4. It will cost almost double what you paid to remove low grade film. Removing film from the rear window may cause the rear defroster lines not to work.

9.Do I Offer Mobile Tinting?

Absolutely not.
Due to major particle contamination in open air and environment it will always lead to unsatisfactory tint job.

10.What Is The Factory Cut Option?

Roll down windows can have two different options

1) Factory Cut Option – no light gaps at the top of the window making it look factory tinted.This will help prevent receiving a ticket since the window looks factory tinted.
2) Non-Factory Cut Option – When you roll a window down you will see a light gap, the standard way to tint a window.

11.What Shade % Do We Carry?

Dark to Light film.

(for blending shades together please look in gallery)


05%    Limo
15%    A Little Darker Than Factory Tint
20%    Factory (What You Find On A Stock Vehicle)
35%    Best Results For Cosmetic Look
50%    Perfect For Driver / Passenger Front Windows
60%    Perfect For Driver / Passenger Front Windows
70%    For Front Windshield
75%    For Front Windshield


12.How Long Does The Installation Take?

We have the most advanced technology in the industry. A computer plot machine, that will cut out the kit for your vehicle to minimize time and to insure a 99% perfection fit and a scratch free guarantee.

13.After Installation

Do not clean the windows for 2 weeks. The windows will look blurry, bubbly and cloudy after the tint is applied and could take to 19 days for the window to cure.

14.When Can I Roll Down My Windows?

Don’t unroll for 3-5 days.

15.How Too Clean A Tinted Window?

Never use anything with Ammonia like Windex to clean tinted windows. We suggest that you use anything that says Tint Safe or you can purchase something from us.

16.What Are The Differences Between Bubbles and Particles Under The Film?

Bubbles are moisture trapped under the film and will disappear in time. Particles are specs of dirt or debris trapped under the film and will always be there. We do our best to prevent particles from happening with excessive cleaning. All of our water is treated and we use special tools with no lint paper towels.

17.What Is Dot Matrix?

Dot Matrix is a border that goes around the rear window and sometimes the quarter windows. Its black when there is no film on it and when film is applied it will look white or silver giving your whole window a unique look.

Can it be prevented? Yes it can, by scraping the dot matrix off with a razor, but it is not recommended.

18.Is It illegal To Have The Windshield or Driver / Passenger Windows Tinted under The B.C. Motor Vehicle Act?

Yes, but if you go with a light shade (50% or lighter with the factory cut option) you should be in the clear.

19.How do I Avoid Getting A Ticket?

Don’t give the police a reason to pull you over. They won’t bug you if you don’t bug them.

20.Disclaimer & Limitations

No person, distributor, agent, dealer or other professional installation company is authorized to modify, change or extend the terms of this limited warranty or to assume or create any obligations or liabilities for the seller, without prior consent of Diplomat Window Tinting.

Whenever Diplomat Window Tinting has to remove a pre-existing film on any window we may encounter issues with the defroster lines. Therefore, Diplomat Window Tinting cannot be liable if the performance diminishes after removing the pre-existing film. This applies to warranty work.

Warranty coverage begins at the date of the installation. The warranty is only provided to the purchaser. The warranty is not transferable. Customer must have receipt with the master roll number in order to proceed with warranty work.

Any pre-existing damage on the windows of the vehicle prior to the application of the window film, wrongful cleaning or opening windows prior to adhesive fully curing will void the existing warranty.

21.Will Window Film Fade Or Purple?

Yes, all window film will fade or turn purple or brown, Unless it’s a Dyed Color Stable Film or Nano Ceramic film. Diplomat Window Tinting only uses Dyed Color Stable Film Or Nano Ceramic Film.

22.What Types Of Head Light & Tail Light Films Do We Offer?

We offer a film no one else offers in the lower mainland. It’s called Diplomat PPF Tint Film for Head Lights & Tail Lights. It comes in two colors, gun smoke (warm blue factory finish) or charcoal (dark finish). These films are built with a superior high gloss finish making it look like it is factory tinted. It doesn’t scratch easy and has the perfect amount of shade that replicates a factory look.

23.What Type Of Head Light & Tail Lights Does Everyone Else Offer?

Spray Tint – Finishing Look results, looks runny, to dark or to light, scratches easily, looks dull in time, super noticeable, blotches.

Regular Head & Tail Light Tint – Finishing Look results, looks dull, scratches super easy, looks horrible and noticeable, doesn’t have any gloss and a very ugly color.

Can We See The Difference Between the Regular Tail Light Film To the Diplomat PPF Head Light & Tail Light?

Yes I have a sample you can see at the shop or in the Head Light & Tail Light category underneath Tint & Film Prices.

24.What Is Dyed Color Stable Film?

Dyed film consists of the following 4 different layers.

  • Dyed Polyester Film
  • Mounting Adhesive
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Coat
  • 99% UV Rejection

Dyed films are non-reflective in a solid color, offering no reflection. Dyed film has no effect on any type of electronics installed in the vehicle. For the price you cannot beat the quality Dyed Film has to offer.

25.More Info About Metalized Film

Metalized film consists of the following 5 different layers. (We don’t use metalized film.)

  • Metalized Film
  • Mounting Adhesive
  • Laminated Adhesive
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Coat
  • 99% UV Ray Rejection?

Metalized film is coated with a thin sputtered layer of (25-30) different types of metal. Different metals are chosen to control and subtract specific bands of radiation (A, B & C) from the solar spectrum. With all these metals combined it gives a high reflective, glossy and a mirror effect look.
Metallized film gives a light bluish look from the inside. Outside will be a highly reflective look and pending on the shade you desire it will look black. Metallized film is desired for the glossy, mirrored look.

One of the attributes of metallized film is it can take extreme climate changes and will hold its specs longer than a dyed film would. When the film fades it will turn yellowish and clear.
Metallized film has extreme interference on electronic(s) built in and/or in the vehicle such as; cell phones, GPS, radar detectors, satellite radio and much more.


26.What Is Hybrid Film?

Hybrid film consists of the following 6 different layers.

  • Dyed Polyester Film
  • Metalized Film
  • Mounting Adhesive
  • Laminated Adhesive
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Coat
  • 99% UV Ray Rejection

Hybrid Film is a combined mixture of dyed and metal consisting primarily of titanium and aluminum. It produces a medium mirrored surface with great spec performances and has a blue shade when looking out.

Hybrid film is a new technology replacing the defects in metalized film. It is blended primarily to reduce the interference metalized film has with all electronics devices and still has a good source of heat rejection.


27.More Info About Nano Ceramic Film

Nano-Ceramic film consists of the following 5 different layers.

  • Carbon
  • Mounting Adhesive
  • Laminated Adhesive
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Coat
  • 99% UV Ray Rejection

Enjoy the sunshine without the heat!

With my Nano Ceramic Coating Films they all provide excellent optical clarity with full natural colors. Reduce day and night time glare with extraordinary heat & infrared rejection even in the lightest shade. Nano Ceramic Film allows more visible light and reduces more solar & infrared heat than any other film on the market. It doesn’t interfere with any electronics you rely on in your vehicle. Let the film do all the work when it comes to the sun’s harmful UV Rays (A, B & C) the film has a built in SPF +1000. This will be all the protection you’ll ever need to hide behind. Your vehicle’s interior trim is protected and always looking new.